There are many elements that can decide weather you are suitable for Hair Transplant in Turkey, how old are you, baldness stage, and the source of the hair loss problem, these elements usually what the doctors consider before deciding if you are eligible for hair transplant operation.

if you are not suitable for hair transplant operation at the moment, its important not to feel dispirit, there are many ideas that can help make your hair look more full and hide the baldness problem, whilst waiting you wait for your FUE or DHI Hair Transplant operation, to know more about this subject and to get some tips about how to have a better look, you should read the following tips:

How to get a thicker look for your hair

Hair loss ProblemsThere are a few tips and “cheat” ideas you can get advantage of to get a thicker look for your hair if you are not suitable for a hair transplant operation, we will discuss bellow some of the most famous ways used generally to cover random baldness areas and scale down the thinning hair.


Spray-on hair

Spray on hair is a product that can be used by men and women to cover some bald spots. the spray consist of hair-colored spray or hair-like fibers. you spray it on the wanted areas that would instantly cover the bald areas and give the hair more density.

Go for a haircut

if your hair doesn’t look good, hairline is messy or the hair looks draggy around the crown area, then maybe its time to go have a haircut, making your hair short will make you avoid the bad look. particularly if your hair is thin naturally.

Hair mousse

its one of the most tested ways to give your hair more thickness and make it look fuller, the steps of using it is just apply it on your wet hair and leave it to dry then style it like its an ordinary style to give your look a boost.

Avoid a defined parting

for people who has the problem of thin hair, defined parting will surely expose big area of the scalp and make the look thin, if you normally use brush or comb to part your hair in a specific direction try to use your hand and see the results, it will probably give your hair better look by making the parting look less obvious. and that will cover your scalp.

Hair Transplant in Turkey – The permanent hair loss solution

using these methods above can give your hair a thicker look in a short period of time but these tools usually have some problems and it will not fix the main “baldness” problem completely.

if you tried these methods and you didn’t like the results, maybe then its time for you to book your hair transplant consultation at Este Plast Hair, our Medical team will help you right away by giving you all the possible solutions to help you get your old look back. Take a look at some of our before/after pictures to get an idea about our results and how our doctors managed to help many different people with different cases of baldness, let the next person be you and contact us.

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