A common complaint among many men and women is weak definition around the jaw and neck line. This can be caused by a number of factors, including weight gain, aging, or heredity. A neck lift from EstePlastHair can correct this condition and restore a more structured, youthful appearance with improved facial contours.


What is a Neck Lift?


Cosmetic surgery on the neck and jaw line restores the natural contours and eliminates sagging skin. The procedure is recommended for those who have skin folds under the chin and creases and folds on the neck. Our doctors specialize in the most advanced surgical techniques for neck lifts, and their expertise in the procedure is unparalleled in Europe. Thier patients feel confident before and after the procedure.


How a Neck Lift is Performed?


Neck rejuvenation surgeries are performed under local anaesthetic and often combined with local anaesthetic facelift.


If you may require muscle tightening, also known as platysmaplasty then a small incision is made under the chin hidden from view to suture the platysma muscle together than you often see as two vertical lines in front of the neck. This tightens and pulls back the neck.


When there is fat under the skin of the neck and under the chin then local anaesthetic liposuction can be performed. However it is important that the skin of the neck is elastic so that once the volume is removed then the neck skin can contract. Otherwise you will be left with loose skin in the neck. Our Plastic surgeons will examine you and advise if liposuction alone is suitable for you or if you need another neck procedure to reach your goal.


Finally the skin of the neck that loses elasticity over time will need to be pulled and tightened under local anaesthetic to smooth out all the lines visible as early signs of aging. Generally this is combined with a local anaesthetic facelift and can be performed and pulled behind the ear.


Benefits of a Neck Lift


EstePlastHair offers neck lift surgery to people who have unattractive neck areas and jaw lines due to aging and weight loss. The surgery:


  • Highlights the natural contours of the jaw lines and neck area
  • Removes excess skin that causes “turkey waddle”
  • Reduces the skin and fat along the jaw line
  • Eliminates double and triple chins




Some patients looking for a facelift may be the best candidates for a Neck Lift to achive the younger look they desire.


Anyone who has acquired a lax neck where the skin no longer holds tightly against the Adams Apple is a good candidate for a neck lift. Despite the fact that aging affects the entire face, it is not uncommon for the neck to show the effects of aging earlier than that of other areas. Therefore, depending on your situation only a neck lift may be required to obtain the degree of facial rejuvenation you are looking for.


Here is a brief list of things to look for in a good candidate for neck lift surgery.


  • Lax neck skin.
  • Turkey neck banding within the neck.
  • Loss of sharp neck (cervico-mental) angle.
  • Loss of jaw definition.
  • Double or triple chin.
  • Your neck looks shorter and older than it used to.




The swelling and bruising after a neck lift will resolve in about 1-2 weeks. It is not unusual for people who work at home to start working 1 or 2 days after surgery. People with sedentary jobs go back to work after 5 days. If your job, however, requires strenuous activity then it may take as long as 3 to 4 weeks to return to work. Most people return to work in about 1-2 weeks.