Hair transplant is an outpatient surgical treatment in which hair is transplanted from one part of the body, the donor site, to another part, the recipient site. In other words, Hair Transplant is a process of Hair Redistribution. Usually, the donor site is located on the back or the sides of the scalp, but it can be on other parts too. The recipient site is the balding part of the head or the areas that have thinning hair.

How is Hair Transplant Performed?

EstePlastHair offers a safe out-patient hair transplant in Turkey with the latest technology. Carried out under local anesthetic, hair transplant takes 6 to 8 hours. The procedure is pain-free, and in fact, patients watch a movie or listen to some music and even fall asleep during hair transplantation. For our patients who do not prefer needles, we also provide needle-free local anesthesia.

Methods of Hair Transplant in Turkey

In most cases, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method will be used. In FUE Hair Transplant, the canals are opened with the slit method, but the Percutaneous Hair Transplantation can also be used according to the needs of the patient. Additionally, for some patients and in some specific circumstances Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) can be an option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can this operation be carried out & by whom?

It is a cosmetic surgery performed by plastic surgeons in hospital operating rooms under local anesthesia.

Is hair transplant harmful?

It is not known that the operation is performed with appropriate surgical instruments in proper hands, under appropriate operating room conditions.

What should be considered before skin care?

If there is an active disease of the scalp, it should be treated before the operation, use antibiotics in the presence of active acne, if there is too much dandruff and if there are skin lesions that can be precancerous, it must be taken before the operation and sent to the pathology.

If the wig is used before the hair transplant should be limited to 1-2 weeks before use, if it is glued to the skin with an adhesive, this adhesive should be washed.Before the operation, cosmetics such as jelly and topical products should not be used. If sponges are used to prevent hair loss, such as minoxil, use should be discontinued one week in advance. It should be noted that the hair will be cut by the clinic on the day of the surgery.

Who can do a hair transplant?

As long as the surface of the donor is sufficient, each person can drop a hair. The Fue method may be recommended for patients who do not wish to have a scar in a straight line in the donor area and who wish to use more transplants during a session and who wish to use their donor area more quickly. The Fue technique is recommended for candidates who have already had a FUE or FUE.Glue is a very suitable method for patients with small hairline or crown angles, who may need a subsequent overflow, requiring a second or third operation.

Who should not have a hair transplant?

If there is a systemic disease that may cause a contraindication during an operation under local anesthesia, this condition must be contracted after treatment. It is not recommended for patients whose expectations are unrealistic and where the donor area is not adequate.It must also be performed after active treatment of the disease in patients with active skin disease. Before the procedure, levels of B12, B6 and zinc should be normal and thyroid discomfort should be treated. Blood sugar levels should be normal in diabetic patients. The presence of psychological disorders such as trichotillomania, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression and body dysmorphic syndrome should be investigated in patients.

Should all hair be lost to allow hair transplantation?

There may be uncertainty as to whether the front hair line or the posterior crown area has been sunk, and the other areas are not spilled. As we know, it is an operation made with aesthetic concerns. Retracting the line or opening the crown area can cause a variety of aesthetic issues. In such cases, another hair loss can be done without delay.It is possible to repeat the Fue method later in the process. Fue is one of the most important advantages of the technique. In other words, a second operation can be performed before the unnatural appearance of the other hair. With these operations that can be done over the years, the problem of baldness will be solved without ever haDo you need to stay in the hospital after the application?ving one.

Can we have a haircut?

In general, the reception area and the hair of the donor area are shortened. In particular, the donor zone is shortened by the Fue method.

How long does it take?

Normally, the average is between 6 and 8 hours.

Do you need to stay in the hospital after the application?

It is not necessary to stay in the hospital after the hair transplant, the patient can return home immediately after the procedure.

Should we dress later?

After closing the donor area, the receiving area is left open. This dressing is removed 2-3 days after washing the hair.

What should be considered after the operation?

In particular, the treated area must be protected from any trauma. Prevention of possible edema can be avoided if the patient is lying on his back. Due to edema due to the operation, the hair line can be viewed asymmetrically or far away to deceive the patient.In fact, such assessments can only be done after 8 months. The patient is not advised to drive while returning home. She can start using the medications prescribed by her doctors at home. It is recommended to have light meals after the operation. Again, the use of cigarettes and alcohol for 10 days after the operation is not recommended.

Is there any special care?

The dressings will be open 2 to 3 days after the operation, the zone and the reception area will be well washed. These washes will last a week ten times a day. During these washes, the drugs applied to the scalp will be cleaned after the operation, then the skins on the surface of the transplanted grafts will fall. Yellow, white, visible between grafts sown during this period.

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