Eyebrow is a very characteristic part of human face. It is often said that our eyes reveal our emotions and thoughts as they are one of the most important ways we have of expressing ourselves. However, our eyes are not the only means of expressing ourselves, eyebrows also serve a significant social function, as it helps people in expressing themselves to others.

Several reasons such as removing eyebrow from the same area for a long time, some skin diseases, permanent makeup, chemotherapy may cause eyebrow hair loss.

Best Condidates

Patients with existing permanent makeup are excellent candidates for an eyebrow transplant with new hairs place precisely in the pattern of the permanent makeup or tattoo.

Eyebrow hair replacement

For eyebrow hair replacement specially selected hair grafts are usually borrowed from the back of the scalp, well behind the ear (or from the pubic area), usually with an incision of 2-4 cm (less than 2 inches). This incision is closed leaving, when healed, a hairline scar that not noticeable. With small color matched sutures used for closure this “donor” site is not noticeable when the patient leaves the The Clinic.

With special magnification, EstePlastHair technicians carefully cut the hair just as it naturally grows in the brow area. While these follicular unit grafts are prepared our doctor creates micrograft slits in the area of the brow with thinning and absent eyebrow hairs. This is painless as a local the local anesthesia block performed at the beginning of the procedure makes both donor area and eyebrow area completely numb.

Finally, the eyebrow micrografts (transplants) are carefully placed to maximize or restore normal eyebrow hair density. The number of eyebrow implants placed, depending on the patients desire for eyebrow thickness, can vary between 50 and 250 grafts per eyebrow.

What to expect?

The eyebrows are typically mildly to moderately swollen for a few days to week. The small grafted hair shafts will fall out in one to two weeks with regrowth beginning as soon as three months and full density expected at 6 months. Like most eyebrow hairs, the restored eyebrows will need to be trimmed to shape from time to time.