Breast lift (mastopexy) is a procedure that tightens the skin and lifts the nipple and areola to produce a more youthful breast contour. Pregnancy, weight changes, aging, and genetics can cause the breast skin and tissue to lose elasticity and sag. Often, the areola can dilate and become disproportionately large as well. If enlargement of the areola is a concern, it can be reduced in size during the breast lift operation.


EstePlastHair’s plastic surgeons perform a variety of breast lift procedures and will tailor your operation to best suit your specific needs. A breast lift may be performed without implants or with implants (breast augmentation with a lift). The choice to use or not use implants with a breast lift is dependent upon your individual characteristics and desires. During your consultation with our surgeon, he will discuss with you all of your options, so that you can make the best decision possible.


The Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery?


Breast lift surgery is a highly customized plastic surgery procedure that can address several common cosmetic breast concerns simultaneously. Depending on the specific needs and goals of the patient, our doctor designs a unique breast lift plan that may achieve the following aesthetic improvements:


  • Elevate the position of the breasts on the chest wall to lift the bustline
  • Reshape the breasts for a firmer, more youthful look
  • Reduce and/or reposition the nipples, if necessary
  • Add volume to the breasts (if breast implants are placed)
  • Create a greater degree of breast symmetry
  • Achieve a more proportionate figure


Based on your specific needs and goals, our surgeon will create a breast lift plan that works for you. During a one-on-one consultation with him, you will have the opportunity to discuss your breast concerns and the expectations you have regarding the outcome of breast lift surgery. He combines this information with a physical exam to explain how a customized breast lift can specifically benefit you. He offers a variety of advanced surgical techniques that can help you achieve the rejuvenated breasts you desire.


Who is a Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?


Most often, women who are considering breast lift surgery are experiencing some degree of breast sagging they would like to correct. Skin laxity and breast volume loss are primarily to blame for these changes in breast shape and position; however, there are many reasons this may occur:


  • Significant weight fluctuation
  • Pregnancy (especially multiple pregnancies)
  • Breastfeeding
  • Aging skin and tissue
  • Hormonal changes
  • Gravity
  • Genetics


Women whose breasts have been affected by these conditions are typically good candidates for the breast lift procedure. Our surgeon advises women that the best time for a breast lift is usually after they have finished having children—in order to help maintain the results of the lift. For women with particularly large breasts, he may recommend a breast reduction surgery, which eliminates excess breast weight and volume while at the same time elevating and reshaping the breasts.


Women who are ideal candidates for a breast lift surgery must also be in good health for both surgery and proper healing. During the consultation, our doctor will perform a complete health evaluation and review each patient’s medical history to ensure she is a good fit for the procedure.


If you’d like to find out if you are a candidate for breast lift surgery, please contact EstePlastHair to schedule a consultation.


The Breast Lift Procedure



Mastopexy is performed using a general anesthetic, so you’ll sleep through the entire operation. Surgery usually lasts about three hours. Our plastic surgeon makes incisions around the areolas and elevates the nipples back to a youthful level. He removes skin below and creates a “sling” to hold the breast in its new location. If volume restoration is desired, he will insert a small saline implant underneath the breast or chest wall (pectoral) muscle. Sutures are usually located around the areola in a vertical line extending downward from the nipple area and along the lower crease of the breast. A light elastic bandage around the chest area completes the operation.


Types of Breast Lifts


Cosmetic surgeons use a variety of incision techniques for breast lift surgery; the exact technique used will vary based on a patient’s existing breast tissue, the amount of excess skin to be removed, and her personal goals. Your cosmetic surgeon will recommend the type of breast lift that will achieve optimal results with the least conspicuous scarring possible.




Crescent Lift: Minimal Scarring to Correct Minimal Sagging


Cosmetic surgeons may use the “crescent lift” technique for women who have a very small amount of sagging to correct. This involves a small incision running halfway around the top half of the edge of the areola. Usually, a crescent lift is only done when a patient is also having breast augmentation, and even in these cases the crescent incision type is less frequently used.


Peri-Areolar or “Donut” Lift: Corrects Mild Sagging with a Single Scar


Women who are experiencing mild sagging, yet still will benefit from a breast lift, are often good candidates for a peri-areolar lift. This involves a circular incision running around the edge of the areola, and like the crescent lift, is commonly performed in conjunction with breast augmentation. This lift can also be effective in helping reduce areola size. The resulting scar traces the edge of the areola.


Vertical or “Lollipop” Lift: Corrects Moderate Sagging & Provides More Extensive Reshaping


This type of breast lift is commonly used, as it allows a cosmetic surgeon to remove excess skin and reshape the entire breast with modest, easily hidden scars. A vertical lift involves 2 incisions: one around the edge of the areola, and one running vertically from the bottom of the areola to the inframammary fold, creating a “lollipop” shape.


Inverted T or “Anchor” Lift: Dramatic Reshaping to Correct Extensive Sagging


If you have considerable sagging, pendulous breasts, an anchor lift, which allows a cosmetic surgeon to remove a significant amount of excess skin and sagging tissues, may yield the best results. This technique involves 3 incisions: one around the edge of the areola, one vertically from the bottom of the areola to the breast crease, and one along the inframammary fold, hidden in the breast crease. Your cosmetic surgeon may also use this technique if you are having a breast reduction with lift. While the anchor lift comes with some visible scarring, these typically will fade significantly with proper care, and are easily hidden by a bikini top.




In addition to supplying comprehensive pre-operative preparation and post-operative recovery information, our doctor provides the following basic guidelines for his breast lift patients following breast lift surgery:


  • Post-operative visit the next day
  • Minimal discomfort without implant OR two days of moderate discomfort with implant
  • Return to work/driving by the fifth day
  • Light exercise at end of two weeks
  • Full exercise at end of one month


Discomfort during recovery can be managed with pain medication if necessary, and it is very important to follow our doctor’s post-operative instructions to help minimize any chance of complications. During the initial stage of recovery, it is recommended that you arrange for a family member or friend to take you home after the operation, help you with any needs the first night, and drive you to your post-operative appointment the next day.